Kathryn Graddy

Discussion Papers

DP13665 10 April 2019 Art Auctions
Author(s): Kathryn Graddy, Orley C Ashenfelter
DP13070 23 July 2018 Immigrant Artists: Enrichment or Displacement?
Author(s): Kathryn Graddy, Karol Jan Borowiecki
DP10753 02 August 2015 Death, Bereavement, and Creativity
Author(s): Kathryn Graddy
DP10048 29 June 2014 Anchoring or Loss Aversion? Empirical Evidence from Art Auctions
Author(s): Kathryn Graddy, Rachel A J Pownall, Lara Loewenstein, Jianping Mei, Mike Moses
DP9996 25 May 2014 Auction House Guarantees for Works of Art
Author(s): Jonathan Hamilton, Kathryn Graddy