José Viñals

Discussion Papers

DP2945 19 September 2001 Monetary Policy Issues in a Low Inflation Environment
Author(s): José Viñals
DP2241 30 September 1999 On the Real Effects of Monetary Policy: A Central Banker's View
Author(s): José Viñals, Javier Vallés Liberal
DP1821 09 March 1998 Monetary Policy and Inflation: From Theory to Practice
Author(s): José Viñals
DP1485 31 October 1996 Monetary Union and European Unemployment
Author(s): José Viñals, Juan Francisco Jimeno
DP1498 31 October 1996 Do Exchange Rates Move to Address International Macroeconomic Imbalances?
Author(s): Matthew B Canzoneri, José Viñals, Javier Vallés Liberal


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