Massimiliano Marcellino

Discussion Papers

DP3313 20 April 2002 Forecast Pooling for Short Time Series of Macroeconomic Variables
Author(s): Massimiliano Marcellino
DP3265 20 March 2002 Factor Based Index Tracking
Author(s): Massimiliano Marcellino, Francesco Corielli
DP3119 01 January 2002 Factor Forecasts for the UK
Author(s): Michael J Artis, Anindya Banerjee, Massimiliano Marcellino
DP3098 12 December 2001 Large Datasets, Small Models and Monetary Policy in Europe
Author(s): Carlo A. Favero, Massimiliano Marcellino
DP2206 31 August 1999 Fiscal Forecasting: the Track Record of the IMF, OECD, and EC
Author(s): Michael J Artis, Massimiliano Marcellino