Alexander Michaelides

Discussion Papers

DP13591 17 March 2019 Corporate Pension Plan Funding Levels and Pension Assumptions
Author(s): Alexander Michaelides, Panayiotis Papakyriakou, Andreas Milidonis
DP13019 28 June 2018 Tactical Target Date Funds
Author(s): Francisco J Gomes, Alexander Michaelides, Yuxin Zhang
DP12424 06 November 2017 Credit Market Spillovers: Evidence from a Syndicated Loan Market Network
Author(s): Alexander Michaelides, Sotirios Kokas, Abhimanyu Gupta
DP10299 14 December 2014 A Dynamic Model of Banking with Uninsurable Risks and Regulatory Constraints
Author(s): Alexander Michaelides, Jochen Mankart, Spyros Pagratis
DP9993 25 May 2014 What Happened in Cyprus?
Author(s): Alexander Michaelides