Paul Klemperer

Discussion Papers

DP13667 11 April 2019 Product-Mix Auctions
Author(s): Paul Klemperer
DP13586 14 March 2019 Understanding Preferences: "Demand Types", and the Existence of Equilibrium with Indivisibilities
Author(s): Elizabeth Baldwin, Paul Klemperer
DP10213 19 October 2014 Equity Recourse Notes: Creating Counter-cyclical Bank Capital
Author(s): Jeremy I. Bulow, Paul Klemperer
DP9618 25 August 2013 Market-Based Bank Capital Regulation
Author(s): Jeremy I. Bulow, Paul Klemperer
DP7487 04 October 2009 A New Payment Rule for Core-Selecting Package Auctions
Author(s): Paul Klemperer, Aytek Erdil