Neil Gandal

Discussion Papers

DP14972 30 June 2020 The Microeconomics of Cryptocurrencies
Author(s): Hanna Halaburda, Guillaume Haeringer, Joshua Gans, Neil Gandal
DP14844 03 June 2020 Long-Term Care Facilities as a Risk Factor for Death Due to COVID-19
Author(s): Neil Gandal, Matan Yonas, Michal Feldman, Ady Pauzner, Avraham Tabbach
DP14461 03 March 2020 A New Approach to Quantifying, Reducing and Insuring Cyber Risk: Preliminary Analysis and Proposal for Further Research
Author(s): Neil Gandal, Michael Riordan, Shalom Bublil
DP14154 28 November 2019 More (or Less) Economic Limits of the Blockchain
Author(s): Joshua Gans, Neil Gandal
DP13982 03 September 2019 Out of Sight: A Study of Uncited Patents
Author(s): Neil Gandal, Michal Shur-Ofry, Michael Crystal, Royee Shilony