Tommaso Valletti

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Discussion Papers

DP15381 18 October 2020 Mortgage Market Disruptions
Author(s): Philippe Bracke, Karen Croxson, Daoud Fakhri, Paolo Surico, Tommaso Valletti
DP15066 19 July 2020 Mergers with Differentiated Products: Where do we Stand?
Author(s): Tommaso Valletti, Hans Zenger
DP14406 13 February 2020 Exclusionary Pricing in Two-Sided Markets
Author(s): Andrea Amelio, Liliane Karlinger, Tommaso Valletti
DP13625 26 March 2019 Mums Go Online: Is the Internet Changing the Demand for Healthcare?
Author(s): Sofia Amaral Garcia, Mattia Nardotto, Carol Propper, Tommaso Valletti
DP12759 27 February 2018 Horizontal Mergers and Product Innovation
Author(s): Tommaso Valletti, Gregor Langus, Giulio Federico